There are so many things that “spin” and “move” in our lives - home appliances, IT products, audio & visual equipment, automobiles, industrial machines, etc. The Nidec Group always aims to become No. 1, provides a wide range of industries with high-quality, low-cost motors, and holds the world’s largest market share with many of these products.

It is important for us to always maintain the largest market share while engaging in CSR programs through our business activities. However wonderful the products we make, their merits will not be shared by consumers unless they actually use the products.

The Nidec Group has three policies to realize its basic business philosophy, “Always be No. 1, and aim to be the world’s best in everything we do.”

First, the key to “maintaining the world’s best quality and entering the market first” lies with the development of the products. To keep the world’s largest market share, it is essential to create products of the world’s highest quality, and send them into the market at a low cost and earlier than others. The achievement of high goals starts with the product development.

Second, it is critical for us to “produce high-quality products sustainably and at a low cost,” which is a notion supported by our “3Q6S” policy. The “3Q” is “quality employees, quality company, and quality products,” while the “6S” stands for “Seiri (Keep things organized),” “Seiton (Keep things easily available),” “Seiso (Keep things clean),” “Seiketsu (Keep yourself clean),” “Saho (Keep good manners),” and “Shitsuke (Keep yourself disciplined).” It is our belief that a good work environment and good work by employees are absolutely necessary to create high-quality products. In addition, we believe that complete rationalization of production processes and product development aiming at thorough cost reduction enable us to produce highly competitive low-cost products.

Third, we must “create new products, enter new markets, and find new customers.” We must sell new products that are different from the ones we have sold so far. We must create and enter new markets. And, we must sell our existing products to new customers. This is the process of creating new products, developing new markets where our Group’s technology will be needed, and searching new customers. Making efforts in these areas will eventually lead us to further increase the market share of Nidec’s products.

It is our belief that working hard and continuously to develop, produce, and sell our products will lead us to achieving the largest market shares.

The Nidec Group will continue to exercise these three policies to provide the world with products that can contribute to “the development of a sustainable society.”

In addition to HDD motors, DVD and BD drive motors, air conditioning motors, and many other motors of the Nidec Group have the largest share in the world.

IT products
Nidec’s highly reliable and cost-efficient small DC motors are actively used in many audio & visual products such as DVD & BD recorders, and small stereos.
Audio & visual products
The Nidec Group’s stable precision motors help keep the high performance and the high-speed processing capabilities of office equipment such as copy machines, facsimiles, laser printers, and projectors.
Office equipment
As the need for eco-friendly designs rises, more and more Nidec’s high-performance motors are used in air conditioners, washing machines, dish washers, vacuum cleaners, and many other home appliances.
Home appliances
As more and more electric vehicles are introduced, motor applications are wider than ever. The Nidec Group’s energy-efficient, small, light, and high-power motors are used for driving-related components as well as features that create additional value for the car such as electric windows and seats.