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Mid-size brushless DC motors
Driven by fast-growing demand for enhanced driver's comfort and safety, low fuel consumption, and environment-friendliness, automobiles today are turning increasingly "electronicized." Traditional mechanical linkage system is deemed to eventually make way for electronic control system—an innovative shift spurring the use of electric motors per vehicle in multiples. Nidec currently supplies world's renowned automobile manufacturers with mid-size brushless DC motors for their power assisted steering systems.
Distinctive quality advantages our brushless DC motors demonstrate, including enhanced energy efficiency, unmatched durability and responsiveness, as well as extra-low electromagnetic noise generation, have begun to garner hot attention from across the industry. Positioning the automobile electric motor market as a major strategic field going forward, we are pushing ahead with proactive measures through active R&D; and expansion production capability.
Everywhere around you
Home Appliances and Home Equipment
Blessed with quality excellence such as high energy efficiency, enhanced noiselessness and extra-long operation life, Nidec's mid-size brushless DC motors
are at work in air conditioners, refrigerators, ventilaters, and many other home appliances to power fans inside these equipment. Other applications include pumps used for floor-heating systems, water heaters and other home equipment.
Industrial Equipment
Industrial equipment in general–pumps, automatic doors and conveyors and likes–have traditionally been powered by AC motors. However, as today's trend toward energy conservation accelerates, the industrial eye is increasingly turning to more energy-efficient and highly controllable alternatives–the performance requirements Nidec brushless DC motors fully meet. Nidec accommodates every customer need by offering a variety of custom-designed brushless DC motor lines with power ranging from 10 to 3,700 watts.
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