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Spindle motors and pivot assemblies for HDDs
Small brushless DC motors
Small brushless DC motor (Standard type)
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Fan motors
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Nidec Technology
Small brushless DC motor
PC Peripherals
Nidec's small precision brushless DC motors are used in various storage devices ranging from CD-ROM, DVD, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD Multi, GAME, Blu-Ray, high-capacity floppy disc drives to laser printers. Nidec meets the growing market calls for lighter, faster, more energy-efficient and cost-effective models, while expanding applications in both high/low-end fields.
Everywhere around you
IT Products
Office Equipment
The ongoing progress of digitization and networking in office equipment—from copiers, printers to facsimiles, etc—is boosting needs for highly sophisticated motors that enable these equipment to reduce size, lower operating noise, consume less power, and take shorter time to warm up. Nidec is living up to the customer expectation through practical application of new technology to its vast allay of small brush DC motor lines constantly fulfilling market needs.
Everywhere around you
Office Equipment
Technical Information

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