NIDEC - Spindle motors and pivot assemblies for HDDs
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Spindle motors and pivot assemblies for HDDs
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Spindle motors and pivot assemblies for HDDs
While having boosted storage capacity at an amazing pace, hard disk drives today are finding new homes in digital home appliances: DVDs, game machines and palm-size portable music players, etc., beyond the traditional bounds of PCs/servers. It would not be an overstatement to say that much of the credit for such advances belongs to Nidec's FDB-embedded spindle motors which have overcome some of the technological challenges conventional motors failed to meet—tougher quality criteria requiring extra-high rotational speed and accuracy, greater shock resistance and near-zero operating noise.
Working at the hearts of HDDs, Nidec's spindle motors incorporate industry-leading manufacturing technology every bit as advanced as semiconductors'. As the world’s leading manufacturer of HDD spindle motors, we are constantly evolving our technological edge to meet fast-changing market demand.

In Singapore, we develop and manufacture ultra-high-precision pivot assemblies, which support the control arms governing the subtle movement of HDD read/write heads. They have won the customers' confidence for their superb rigidity and vibration absorbency.
Spindle motors for HDDs
Pivot assemblies for HDDs
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